Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tardis Journal Paper Covered DIY

I know Dr. Who is all the rage these days, but I must confess I had never watched an episode before this weekend.  I wanted to make a gift for a little boy who is a big Dr. Who fan, and so I looked it up on Netflix and started at the first episode available.  My oldest son is now a fan and as soon as I have time for watching episodes, I think I'll become one myself.

This paper covered composition book is my 2nd attempt tonight at making a Doctor Who journal.  I started with trying to recreate something I saw online, which was in leather, but to do it with faux suede instead, on my sewing machine.  It would have been a removable cover for a composition book, but I had a huge crafting fail with that one!  If you care to hear details, I might post them over at my sewing blog.  Anyway, it was after midnight and that wasn't going to work, but I needed a Dr. Who gift for a special little boy.

And so here is what I did.  I bet it only took 10 minutes, it was easy as pie.  Supplies used were scrapbook paper (the blue), aluminum foil, and glue.  I used Alene's all purpose, and painted it with a brush to keep it smooth.  And I used a white dressmaking pencil for the white lettering.  That's it, this is an easy project!

I have been having fun covering these kinds of journals for my son this month; I have done 2 minecraft style and next up will use this same blue paper to make a Science Notebook for the science kit I'm gifting my oldest on Christmas...I'll post it as well here, when it is done.